Sexcapades of a Bisexual Pinoy
can we have sex? - girl

Sure. Haha. ;)

You need to post something soon, i need you. Lol

Haha. Grave naman.

Do you know any Bathhouses here in Manila/QC area? :) I want to try that. :)

Bathhouse in Manila: Club Bath along Harisson near Pasay City Hall/Libertad. I know F is along E Rodriguez in QC.

i want to have sex with you kasi gustong kong ma-satisfy sa sex. kaso tumitira ka din ng lalaki eh.

Hahaha. Two points:
1) Tingin mo masasatisfy ka pag ako ang nakasex mo? Hehe baka hindi. Hindi naman ako magaling.
2) Haha. It’s ok. It’s a free country.

i always visit ur site . kaso ang tagal po ng updates. heheh. sana po meron na next time.

Haha thanks for the continued support despite the sporadic updates. Honestly, there’s nothing to update. Haha :)

Can you fuck my mouth?

I can fuck a lot of stuff

bisexuals sex scsndals


We had sex once. haha. :)

Haha. Really now?

hi no questions but damn you are hot

You’re too kind. I’m not that hot. I’m barely even lukewarm.

I'm amazed that you still do this. - Sexygirl

Do what?